About Us


HWAHON is the China leading comprehensive industrial filtration company with many years of experience. We are specialized at self-cleaning filtration technologies and process filtration technologies. We serve the industries such as petro-chemical, fine chemical, water treatment, pulp and paper, auto industry, food and beverage, marine, metal working, etc. Our various self-cleaning filtration technologies apply to the raw waters, circulating cooling waters, oils, chemicals and polymers.

We supply high standard filtration products and offer professional services to many international large companies and China industry-leading companies. We are experienced in the project co-operation with engineering companies. We can design and manufacture filtration systems per international and specific industrial standards and upon the customer’s filtration process requirement. We deliver world-class quality filtration products. If you request filtration products with higher standard of performance, quality, safety and service, HWAHON can be your trust-worth partner.


HWAHON Zhejiang Huaheng Industry Co., Ltd. formerly known as Fuyang Huaheng Industry Co., Ltd. established in 1990, with environmental protection filtration division newly established in 2013 with 50 million CNY registered capital (paid up) and has about 100 employees. HWAHON’s marketing center and technology center are located in Fuyang Hangzhou, China. Our factory has passed the ISO9001:2018 certification, comprehensively implements ISO9001 quality management system.  HWAHON is a professional filtration company with the globalized business and the network of sale and service around the world.