Chinese Professional Water Bag Filter Housing - Self cleaning filter – Huaheng

HAFS series self-cleaning filter, is a highly efficient internal brushing  self-cleaning filter independently developed by HWAHON. Automatically removing the impurities on the inner surface of the filter element by mechanical scraping, it continuously filters on-line. And cancel the replacement work for heavy filter element, save the cost of consumables and environmental protection treatment.   HAFS filter is also with the small pressure loss and stable flow in  the filtration process which are conducive to continuous process stability, closed filtration, prevent leakage of dangerous materials and safe production. Application 1. Applicable industries: can be widely used in water treatment, papermaking, petrochemical, biopharmaceutical, coating, ink, grease, food and beverage, etc 2. Applicable liquid: kerosene, polymer, water, fermentation liquid, protein, grease, wet end additive, calcium carbonate, starch, filler, adhesive, ink, pigment, paint, resin, rubber, ethanol, chocolate, candy, high temperature oil, juice, coolant, diesel oil, citric acid, soap, sorbitol, etc 3. Main functions: Remove the impurities particles, customized sifting, fluid purification, process optimization, and key devices protection 4. Filtration type: mechanical scraping type filtration, continuous online filtration How to choose the Model In order to achieve the filtering effect, and at the same time to maximize the user to meet the requirements of water, power and labor saving, when you choose the self-cleaning filter, please consider the following technical parameters A. Flow rate B. Inlet & Outlet Size C. Maximum working pressure and temperature D. Filter strainer type and Filtration rating E. Shell material and strainer material F. Filter suspended substance concentration in impurities G. Related physical and chemical properties of filter media H. Based on the local installation position to confirm the structure