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It is used in water Finish, mainly used in turbidity removal, reverse osmosis and The front-end preprocessing of Ion exchange softening desalination system. It also can be used in remove sediment in Surface water and groundwater. The requirement of influent water turbidity should less than 20 degrees, and the turbidity of treated water can below 3 degrees. Principle of mechanical filter housing Mechanical sand/activated carbon filter, also known as pressure filter, is an important part of the pre-pure water pretreatment and water purification systems. Mechanical sand/activated carbon filter packing is mainly used to reduce water turbidity and remove the water suspended particles, organic matter, colloidal particles, microorganisms, residual chlorine and some heavy metal ions. The turbidity of raw water should be less than 20 mg/L, and it will reach 3 mg/L when the filtration is completed. Application & Characteristics 1) Can used in the surface water ,underground water etc 2) Widely used in the electroplating , papermaking , food , drinking , swimming pool etc ; can meet all kinds of liquid filter demand. Also used in water reuse system, swimming pool seawater treatment system depth filtration. for the industrial waste material also has good effect to remove. 3) Low cost and operation cost , easy to maintenance 4) Long filter material life time 5) Good treatment effect and small occupy area 6) Simple structure,convenient operation and maintenance, operation can achieve automatic control